Innovation and practical problem solving is core to our DNA. Our talented, and dedicated team of engineers, scientists, and practical application technicians bring the well rounded skills together that deliver the award winning, VIBRO-LASER products customers have grown to count on to solve their machinery alignment and health problems.

Klim Kiforenko, The Chief

Risk Taker, Strategist, and Husband…Mr. Kiforenko is a serial entrepreneur having built a number of highly successful businesses in the technology, retail, and food & beverage spaces. Klim is responsible for the long term strategic direction and capitalization of the company.

Fedya Semenov, The Architect

Father, Son, Husband, and Builder…Mr. Semenov is one of the worlds most sought after experts in the fields of machine alignment, positioning, and rotor dynamics. Fedya specializes in laser optical processing, and leads all product development and design initiatives from start to finish.

M. David Howard, The Vibration & Balancing Guy

Father, Son, Husband, US Air Force Veteran & avid CrossFit® athlete…Howie is an expert in the fields of Vibration Analysis, Dynamic Balancing & Reliability Engineering. With over 20 years of experience in the Predictive & Corrective Maintenance industry Howie brings years of real world experience as well as product development experience to the tablet.

Megh-McCane Howard, The Communicator

Mom, Wife, Sister, Daughter, and Mass Communications expert…Megh is an expert is social media marketing, mass communications, copywriting, and content creation. Megh leads the global marketing initiative for VIBRO-LASER and assists distribution partners in delivering the companies message.

Olenka Falko, The Designer 

Daughter, Artist, and Creative Genius…Olenka is the flair behind the VIBRO-LASER brand, customer experience, and software user interface. Olenka brings her unique perspective to the team designing and developing elegant but simple literature, software screens, and undeniably beautiful product labels and iconography. VIBRO-LASER is recognized world-wide as a direct result of Olenka’s brand design.

VIBRO-LASER, VIBRO-LASER Instruments, VIBRO-LASER Instruments Corporation are trade name’s for VIBRO-LASER Instruments LLC a privately held Limited Liability Company registered in the State of New York, USA.


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