The VLPAT™ (Pulley Alignment Tool) & VLPAT II™ sets up in minutes taking the guess work out of belt, chain, gear, &  roll alignment. Available in red beam or green beam configuration for daylight use… the VLPAT™ family of products delivers!

Undeniable Accuracy, Reliability Delivered…

The VLPAT™ & VLPAT II™ are the worlds easiest, simplest, and most accurate belt alignment systems available. There are other tools on the market, but don’t fall for the hype. When does an animal name lead to properly aligned belts & sheaves? No bats or hogs here…just years of proven experience gives you the peace of mind knowing you can get the job done repeatably, reliably, and most importantly with undeniable precision…in record time.

The Tool that Delivers…

Compact size – easy to use on small diameter sheaves

  • Faster set ups
  • TruAlign™ Beam technology is more visible than other lasers
  • Use as a laser level – check height and flatness
  • Aligns belts, pulleys, sheaves, sprockets, gear, rollers and more

Includes: Magnetic sheave alignment laser, three precision machined magnetic targets, instruction manual with warranty card, hard-shell carrying case.


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