The DigivibeMX® platform of wired and wireless dynamic balancing, and vibration analysis analyzers are the worlds easiest, and fastest to use and deploy machine health analyzers available on the market.

Powered by Erbessd Reliability Instruments the DgivibeMX line delivers unmatched features and functions and functions enabling reliability engineers and technicians the ability to solve simple and complex machine issues in minimal time.


DigivibeMX® is designed and developed with you in mind. Built for the field and shop environments DigivibeMX® bring simple intuitive tools to the masses on the familiar Microsoft Windows® operating system. Touchscreen friendly you can easily run DigivibeMX® software on any Windows based touchscreen device (Windows 7-10) with a 8″ or larger screen. Equally as powerful and beneficial DigivibeMX® can also run on laptops, desktops and in cloud/server environments.


With DigivibeMX® you can select the classic I600 interface that incorporates our revolutionary TruSeal™ IP67 sealed connections and MIL-SPEC 810G drop and shock tested ballistic nylon construction, or the revolutionary WiSER™ wireless sensor technology utilizing the same TruSeal™ technology and MIL-SPEC 810G design standards. Selecting either Wireless, or Wired solution you have the FULL FEATURES of the DigivibeMX® so be confident that regardless of your selection you will be balancing, completing routes, ODS and much more in record time with your powerful DigivibeMX solution.


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