There always is a human mind behind our products

We are inspired by the new ideas and breakthrough technologies to make awesome products come to life.
What we do
Industry Leading 2-Year Warranty

We guarantee product quality and offer service, support, and calibration services worldwide

Young & Innovative

With youth comes vigor, innovation, spirit, and tenacity. And we solve some of the world’s most complex alignment problems with ease

Multi-Platform Solution

We are the first to offer a full-featured system that works on any iOS, Android, or Windows device

We Provide Training

While we know our product is easy-to-use...if you would like advanced training you can learn from us in our New York facility or from our distributors across the globe

24-Hour Support

Regardless of your time zone, you will receive any help you need

Remote Update

Get the latest updates via easy web download or the app stores. Add features just as easily by simply updating your license code to unlock new features

Every day we focus on creating innovative solutions that will make the future better for us and our children through reduced energy consumption and improving asset reliability.
Michael and Megh Howard

Our values

  • Different Together
  • Free to Cooperate
  • Environmentally Conscious
  • Personal Development & Field Tested
  • All-in-One Solution
  • Resource Savings

Different Together

We believe that our company can unite all kinds of people. Our differences are what make both our products and the customer experience better. This is our strength.

Free to Cooperate

We partner with distributors, resellers, and customers worldwide. We have an international team, clients on five continents and a worldwide distribution network. This is our Power.

Environmentally Conscious

Our solutions help save resources so that we can sustain our planet and save it for future generations. This strengthens us.

Personal Development & Field Tested

There always is a human mind behind our products. We develop our products based upon the needs and requests of our customers...more importantly we deliver above and beyond expectations.

All-in-One Solution

Our products make your work easier. Our user interface is simple, yet elegant and walks you through precision alignment with ease. Alignment improves equipment performance and has an overall positive impact on the results of your organization.

Resource Savings

Our equipment helps save both money and time. We have accelerated the alignment process to make your machines more efficient and last longer.



We Build the Community

To put it simply...we aspire to be The Beatles of Precision Alignment. Our team brings together like-minded people and gives everyone the opportunity to grow given their unique knowledge, skills, and abilities. Each member of our team, from engineer to CEO, is a 100% professional committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations every day.

We are inspired by the new ideas and breakthrough technologies. This is reflected in our work and our values. And just like the pieces of a puzzle, we all have our place and purpose.

VIBRO-LASER is a member

The Society for Maintenance & Reliability

The Society for Maintenance & Reliability

(SMRP) is a nonprofit professional society formed by practitioners to advance the maintenance, reliability and physical asset management profession

The Vibration Institute

The Vibration Institute

The mission of the Vibration Institute is to disseminate practical information on evaluating machinery behavior and condition without commercial interest

Machinery Failure Prevention Technology Society

Machinery Failure Prevention Technology Society

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