There always is a human mind behind our products

We develop our products based upon the needs and requests of our customers. More importantly we deliver above and beyond expectations.


Remote Update
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Remote Update
Get the latest updates via easy web download or the app stores. Add features just as easily by simply updating your license code to unlock new features.

Our values

Different Together
We believe that our company can unite all kinds of people. Our differences are what make both our products and the customer experience better. This is our strength.
All-in-One Solution
Our products make your work easier. Our user interface is simple, yet elegant and walks you through precision alignment with ease. Alignment improves equipment performance and has an overall positive impact on the results of your organization.
Best Offer on the Market
Technology has become less expensive and end users know it! Our products meet the highest quality standards and balance the best price and feature set on the market.
Constant Innovation in the precision laser measurement industry is in our sole purpose and we deliver it
We help save resources
Every day we focus on creating innovative solutions that will make future better for us and our children through reduced energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.
Free to Cooperate
We partner with distributors, resellers, and customers worldwide. We have an international team, clients on five continents and a worldwide distribution network.

VIBRO-LASER equipment is used

By companies in a variety of industries to improve the performance and reliability of machinery, reduce downtime, and save energy.