Shaft Alignment Pro System

Shaft Alignment kits

VIBRO-LASER Pro System combines all of the common features with bolt or base bound, select coupling type option and adds advanced features found in the most capable shaft alignment systems such as machine train - enable this option and align shafts of up to five machines that are connected together. Live move mode allows live alignment in any angle position of the measuring units. Multipoint method SMARTPOINTS™ allows you to record an unlimited number of points at any sector of the shaft circumference. SMARTPOINTS™ mode meets alignment machines with sleeve bearings or uncoupled machines. With hundreds of points registered SMARTSPIN™ provides the greatest possible repeatability of measurements. The measured values are automatically recorded during shaft rotation. It is perfect for turbine generator alignment.

Certificate & Support

Certificate of state registration in the Register of computer programs No. 2021613745 dated March 12, 2021
The project is supported by the Foundation for the Promotion of Innovation as part of the Commercialisation Programme


Horizontal Alignment
Clock Method
Vertical/Flange Mounted Machines
Soft Foot Check
Bolt or Base Bound
Select Coupling Type
Machine Train
User Defined Tolerance
Sensor Readings
Save Job
User Friendly Reports
Thermal Growth Expansion
Live Move Mode
Shims Calculator
Repeatability Table
Horizontal Alignment
A brand-new step by step, intuitive interface with 3D animation simplifies the operator's work and reduces time spent on alignment. A unique memory management system allows you to save progress at any stage of the process and resume whenever you want

Intro Video

Technical Data

90mm x 60mm x 32mm(3.5 in x 2.3 in x 1.2 in)
Laser Emission
diode laser with wavelength 635nm, class II, <1 mW
Distance Between Units
up to 10 m (33 ft)
Detector Receiver Length
30 mm (1.2 in)
Ex Certification (option)
EACEx in accordance with Customs Union Technical Regulation TP TC 012/2011. Harmonized with UL as per
Detector Resolution
0.001 mm
Operating Temperature
from -10 º С to +55 º С (14 to 122°F)
Protection Class
IP67 (Dust-tight and protected against water)
Measurement Accuracy
0.3% ± 7um
Operating Time
up to 20 hours
Detector Type
latest generation of industrial linear detector

What's in case

What's in case - Shaft Alignment Pro System

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